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On July 15th, 1940 Aparici, being National President of the Young People of Catholic Action, writes to Lay Director of the National Technical Board of the Catholic Action, and he requests to him present and supports the economic request that the Superior Council does for the teaching of these Short Courses and he encloses to him the studies plan: assistants, matters, teaching staff, organization and schedule.
?If the young people who went in pilgrimage to the Pilar -he says to him- have to fulfil the slogan given for the stage of Santiago: ?Each one of that we kissed the Pilar we have to win to seven that they peregrinate with us to Compostela? is necessary to help them.
?To obtain that to the year of the Pilgrimage a somewhat superior number in the middle of the young people who went to the Pilar has accepted the responsibility to serve to God like Advanced, Head or Guide of Pilgrim, is necessary order the plan in three stages:

?First Stage

?Weeks of Formation of Advanced of Pilgrim. Celebration in the Christmas Holydays of 11 weeks in boarding school regime. Every week will group 30 young people, of 5 Diocese, to 6 by Diocese, less two, than they will group 36 young people for being 6 the Diocese invited.
?Total of Advanced of Pilgrims (leaders young people of the Diocese or assimilated one): 342.

?Second Stage

?To try in regime of boarding school of 57 Weeks of Formation of Heads of Pilgrims in the Easter Holydays, one in each Diocese, for 30 boys with category of leaders of Centre or Arciprestal Board.
?Total of Heads of Pilgrims: 1.710.

?Third Stage

?During the summer each one of the 57 Diocese will be able to organize 10 continuous working days of study (three days in boarding school regime) for the formation of Group boss of Pilgrims.
?Total of Guides of Pilgrims, 570 working days to 20 boys: 11.400.

?General total: 13.452.

?The Ideal that Manuel Aparici wanted to instil to young people was: ?To do of same me, my Centre, my mother land and all the Hispanic peoples a Christianity example and guides for the deeply ill world?. (Commitment of Pilgrim) or enunciated in other terms: ?To make of the Spanishness a Community from Towns to the service of the apostolic and evangelising mission of the Catholic Church? or ?To gain for Christ to everybody by the impulse and the faith of the Hispanic soul.
?To the light of this Ideal it was celebrated the Pilgrimage to the Pilar, stage of the concentration and of the firmness, the formation of a juvenile Christianity, example and guide for our mother land still convalescent of the most serious crisis of his life; by this Ideal we walked towards Santiago, stage of the reconquest of Spanish Youth to present it in Compostela like ?exemplary Christianity? and to call to the Youth of Catholic Action of the Hispanic peoples to the common task.
?Because of this Ideal, the word to peregrinate reaches a so deep echo in the soul of our boys and we use it to attract them to the Weeks of Formation giving them the title, according to its sufficiency, of Advanced, Head and Guide of Pilgrims? 1.

Three months later, November 15th, he says to him:

?My dear Director and friend:

?Eager this National Council of which the last Pilgrimage to the Pilar gives all its fruit, has agreed, in accordance with the paragraph 1? of the Base XV for the Catholic Action, properly authorized by the Central Direction of the Catholic Action, to offer to the Rvdmos. Prelates the celebration in the next month of December of 11 Weeks of Formation of Advanced of Pilgrims, to which can concur 342 diocesans leaders of 57 different Dioceses. All of them will be celebrated in regime of boarding school [...], and with the collaboration of the National Council, who will send two professors selected between his members and propagandist.
?This is the first part of the plan of Course 40-41 to provide to our young people of leaders who fit them and direct them in his to peregrinate towards Santiago, since these 342 boys will organize in their respective Dioceses during the Easter Holiday other weeks with the same plan, in which they will repeat the own explanations of lays to arciprestales leaders, with which in these holidays we will have, in addition to the 342 boys, if not formed, since never it has been happened to us that in one week can be formed an enthusiasm boys, 1,710 leaders of arciprestazgo with the title of ?Heads of Pilgrims?, who, at the same time during summer, they will be able to celebrate in its arciprestazgos working days of study for the Centres of the same ones, in which 11,400 boys will be able to participate, who will receive the title of ?Guides of Pilgrims. We used this denomination of ?Advanced?, ?Heads? and ?Guides? of Pilgrims, because, as you do not ignore, this idea to peregrinate -?to open the way to the of God?s Kingdom?- has caught on the soul of our boys motivating them powerfully to the apostolate.
?However, so that the Diocesan Councils de Youth People welcome this first short course warmly and send the six boys who to each one we are going to request to them, he would be extremely advisable that this National Council could offer two scholarships to each Diocese; each scholarship could ascend, according to our experience of the short course of the Coru?a 2, that subsidized to the Diputation and the Town hall, to 100 pesetas, for what would be precise 11,400 pesetas for the 114 scholarships that would be precise to grant. This Council does not have economic means suddenly to disburse this amount. For this reason I elevate to you, like Director of the Technical Board of Catholic Action, so that you present it to the Association of Work Promotion of Catholic Action, a request of subvention of this National Council estimated in 12.000 pesetas, for the organization of the short courses and the concession of 114 scholarships.
?Sure of which you have to welcome this initiative of our Council and that you have to support it with all interest in the Meeting of Work Promotion of Catholic Action, I remain yours affmo. and I wait for your news?. 3.


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